/3M Digital Marketing Weekdays Evening (7:00-9:00pm)
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3M Digital Marketing Weekdays Evening (7:00-9:00pm)

34 modules


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<p>Learn the art of digital marketing and excel in the digital world!</p>



This course provides a comprehensive introduction to digital marketing strategies and techniques. It covers various aspects of online marketing including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and more. Participants will learn how to create effective digital marketing campaigns, analyze online consumer behavior, and measure the success of their marketing efforts. Join us in the evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and become a digital marketing expert in just 3 Months.

Key Highlights:

  • Live Trainer-led Course
  • Hands-on practice with real-world examples
  • Expert instructors with industry experience
  • Interactive sessions and group discussions
  • Practical tips and tricks for successful digital marketing

What you will learn:

  • Master the Fundamentals
    Understand the core principles of digital marketing and gain a solid foundation to build upon.
  • Optimize Online Presence
    Learn techniques to improve website visibility, increase organic search traffic, and rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Leverage Social Media
    Discover how to effectively utilize popular social media platforms to engage with your target audience, generate leads, and boost brand awareness.
  • Craft Engaging Content
    Develop compelling content that resonates with your audience and drives traffic to your website or social media profiles.
  • Email Marketing Strategies
    Learn how to create and implement successful email marketing campaigns that drive conversions and build customer loyalty.
  • Measure Success
    Explore tools and techniques to track and analyze the performance of your digital marketing efforts, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


Introduction to Digital Marketing

12 attachments • 57.95 mins

Introduction to Digital Marketing & Website Planning

Introduction of Digital Marketing Class 1

SEO Project Cycle & Modules

Keyword Research

On Page Optimization Class-1

On Page Optimization Class-2

On Page Optimization Class-3

On Page Optimization Class-4

On Page Optimization Class-5

On page optimization class 6

Revision class 19-09-2023

SEO-On Page optimization

13 pages

Website Development and Optimization

18 attachments

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Coming Soon

Off page optimization Introduction class

Offpage optimization class 2

Offpage Optimization class 3

Offpage Optimization Class 4

Off page optimization class 5

OffPage Optimization Class 6

Off Page Optimization-Notes

13 pages

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters Class 2

Google webmasters final class

Competitor Analysis

Website Audit & Penalization Methods

SEO Keyword Position Report & Wordpress Web Development


8 pages

Sample-Website- Audit-Report

User experience and navigation

Coming Soon

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Coming Soon

SEO Marketing School

10 attachments • 29.4 mins


What Is SEO

Keyword Research

On-Page SEO

Link Building

How to Execute a Content Marketing Strategy

10 SEO Best Practices

Advanced Tactics

How to Measure and Track SEO Results


Internet Traffic School

10 attachments • 30.03 mins

Introduction Why Traffic is Your Most Valuable Resource

Quality vs Quantity

SEO Basics - How to Use Google to Bring Targeted Visitors to Your Pages

Advanced SEO

Content Marketing - Yes Content is King

Social Media as a Source of Big Traffic

The Missing Ingredients Branding and Messaging

The User Experience

Growth Hacks That Really Work

Conclusions Knowing Your Goal

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

17 attachments

Google Ads Introduction

Search Network Campaign

Keyword Match Types & Ad Rank

Auction insights and Extensions

Extensions & Call Only Ads

Extensions & Call Only Ads

Motivational Session & Career Guidence

Extensions & Call Only Ads

Call Only Ads & Graphics Designing

Display Network Campaign

Video Network Campaign

Display Network Campaign

Conversion Tracking


Youtube Remarketing & App Promotion Campaign

Discovery Campaign & Performance Max

Smart Campaign & Other Features

Advertising Search Ad Secret's

4 attachments • 15.74 mins


Campaign Goals

How To Set Up Keywords

Monitoring Performance

Banner Advertising

4 attachments • 20.46 mins


Designing Banner Ads

Ad Campaign Goals

Setting Up Running and Launching Campaigns

Solo Ads Formula

9 attachments • 34.87 mins










Social Media Marketing

11 attachments • 26.65 mins

Social Media Optimization & Introduction to Facebook

Facebook Campaigning -Brand awareness Campaign

Facebook Traffic Campaign & Engagement Campaign

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Facebook Pixel & Conversion Tracking

Facebook Pixel & Conversion Tracking

Facebook Pixel & Conversion Tracking

Introduction to Facebook News feed Marketing




Social Media Marketing

4 attachments • 43.44 mins


Marketing On Facebook and Instagram

Marketing On Twitter And YouTube

Marketing On LinkedIn And Pinterest

Lead Generation

4 attachments • 10.63 mins

Lead Generation Video 1

Lead Generation Video 2

Lead Generation Video 3

Lead Generation Video 4

Facebook Ads on Track

9 attachments • 55.66 mins










Facebook Ads Ninja

10 attachments • 21.2 mins











Facebook Ad Setup Secrets

16 attachments • 2 hrs

How To Create An FB Business Account

How To Create Ad Account

How To Add Payment Method

How To Edit Business Settings

How To Add FB Page Or Create FB Page

Ads Manager Column Setup Lead Gen

Ads Manager Column Setup Purchase E-Commerce

How To Create FB Pixel

How To Add FB Pixel On Wordpress

How To Add Lead Event Code On Page

Installing The FB Pixel Helper

How To Write Your Ad Creatives

How To Create Campaign Conversions For Lead Generation

Understanding Campaign and Ad Objectives

Using Built-In Video Maker In Ads Manager

Simple Split Test Campaign

Messenger Marketing Secrets

4 attachments • 25.53 mins


Creating And Connecting

Overview Of Many Chat Platform

How To Setup First Broadcast

Youtube Ads Playbook

21 attachments • 41.79 mins

Minimum Viable Equipment

Video Creation Tools

Video Editing Tools

Set Up An Autoresponder

Create a Landing Page

Connect Your Autoresponder To Your Shopping Cart

Basic Channel Branding and Customization

Open Your Google Ads Account

Google Conversion Tracking Part 1

Google Conversion Tracking Part 2 Actions

Google Conversion Tracking Part 3 Tags

The Google Site Kit Plugin

YouTube Ads Video Creation Assets

Add In A Voice Over to the Video

YouTube Creative Outsource Partners

Ad Formatting

Find My Audience In Segment Targeting

Find My Audience Affinity Segmenting

Set Up Your YouTube Ad

Create the YouTube Ad Video

Set Up Your YouTube Ad Part 2

Captivate with Youtube Live

20 attachments • 36.73 mins


Your Direct Shareable Link

Embedding Your Live Stream

Embedding Your Live Stream on Social Media

Excerpted Videos On Social Media

Channel Promotional Tools Part 1

Channel Promotional Tools Part 2

Creating A Channel Trailer

Create a Subscribe Link

Blurring Out Information In Your Recording


End Screens


Subtitles and Closed Captions

Setting Up Playlists

Advanced Settings and Increased Viewers

Community Subscriptions

Adding Audio

Channel URL


Pinterest Anatomy

9 attachments • 1 hrs





Real Estate





Social Marketing School

10 attachments • 28.85 mins


What Is Social Media Marketing

How to Use Social Platforms to Grow Your Business

Top Social

How to Generate Leads

Strategies to Promote

How to Create Engaging Social Content

10 Social Media Dos and Donts

What Metrics to Track


Social Marketing Supermacy

10 attachments • 27.12 mins

3 Ways to Use Google Plus for Better Search Engine Rankings

5 Keys to an Effective Instagram Marketing Campaign

Advanced Social Media Marketing Tactics to Get a Ton of Followers

How to Set Up Your First Facebook Live Stream

Personal Branding in the Modern Day of Social Media

Quickest Ways to Piggyback off of Instagram Influencers

Tips to Creating Headlines That Will Click With Your Audience

Top 5 Advantages to Marketing Through Social Media

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Where to Find Free Graphics and Images for Your Social Posts

Social Messaging Apps for Marketers

12 attachments • 31.63 mins


The Power Of Social Meessaging Apps

Facebook Messenger And Whatsapp

SMS And Other Messaging Platforms

What Is Conversational Commerce

Messaging Apps For Sales


Building An App

Collecting And Managing Contact Details

Best Practices

Internal Uses Providing Services And More


Easy Instagram Guide

8 attachments • 23.98 mins



Starting Right






LinkedIn Success

10 attachments • 23.37 mins

3 Simple Ways to Increase Sales with LinkedIn

4 Ways to Utilize LinkedIn Video to Increase Sales

5 Creative Strategies for Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

5 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business Marketing

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed

Key Strategies for Leveraging LinkedIn to Generate More Leads

The Best Way to Increase Highly Targeted Leads in LinkedIn

The Best Ways to Utilize LinkedIn to Promote Your Business and Increase Sales

Top 5 Strategies for Using LinkedIn Ads to Generate Traffic

Top Tips for Using LinkedIn to Increase Business Sales

Blogging Success Secrets

4 attachments • 19.5 mins

Course Overview

Introduction to Blogging

Where To Blog

Blog Topics

Influencer Secrets

12 attachments • 49.76 mins


Understanding Influence

The Rules Of Influence

The Benefits And Importance Of Influence

How People Are Wired

How To Build Unshakable Credibility

Influence And Persuasion Methods In Business

The Importance Of The Decision Making Process

How To Maintain Your Ability To Influence

The 3 Key Tactics Of Influencer Mastery

Influencer Mastery Best Practices


Influencer Marketing School

10 attachments • 30 mins


What Is Influencer Marketing

What Is A Social Media Influencer

Why Influencer Marketing Works So Well For Businesses

Defining Your Goals With Influencer Marketing

How To Find Effective Influencers For Your Brand

How To Contact Influencers And How to Negotiate a Deal

7 Things To Avoid In a Potential Influencer Campaign

How To Track And Measure An Influencer Marketing Campaign


Email Marketing List Buliding School

10 attachments • 28.91 mins

Why Build An Email List

How To Build An Email List

Know Your Audience

Building A Targeted Email List

Building A Landing Page

Driving Traffic To The Landing Page

You've Got Them Hooked So Reel Them In

Make Some Money Honey

Deep Diving into Affiliate Marketing

One Last Revision Before The Final Test

Email Marketing List Buliding Wizard

10 attachments • 37.09 mins

Why You Need A List

Picking An Autoresponder

Setting up an Opt-in Form

Ways to Grow Your List

List Segmentation

Plain Text Emails vs. HTML Emails

Structuring Your Email

Writing Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Building Relations with Your Audience

Tracking Your Metrics

Email Marketing Success

4 attachments • 31.88 mins


Layouts And Functionality

Types And Styles Of Marketing Emails

Advance Email Automation Sequences

Affiliate Marketing

10 attachments • 29.74 mins


Affiliate Marketing Explained

The Nitty Gritty How To Sell As An Affiliate

Creating A Website To Sell From

Your Sales Page

The Go-To Market-Advertising Strategy

Finding The Perfect Niche

Becoming A Thought Leader

Selling Physical Products

Scaling Up

Affiliate Commission Lifestyle

8 attachments • 30.29 mins









ChatGpt Tutorial

20 attachments • 33.88 mins

Start an Account with ChatGPT

What the Company OpenAI Say About Itself

What OpenAI Say About The Limitations of the Chatbot

Chatbot Prompt Examples Given By Open AI

Will Chat GPT Be a Paid Application

Chat GPT Idea Generation

Chat GPT - Idea Qualification and Accuracy

ChatGPT-Accuracy and Citations

Chat GPT- Creating HTML Instances

Chat GPT- How to Solve Specific Business Problems

Chat GPT - Statistical Verification of Information

Chat GPT - Rewrite Content for Different Contexts

ChatGPT Content Checked With AI

ChatGPT - Simplifying Information

ChatGPT - How to Ask the Chatbot about Context

ChatGPT - How to Cross Post Queries

ChatGPT How to Narrow Down the Context of Your Query

ChatGPT How to Solve a Business Process

ChatGPT Developing a Methodology From Experts

The Future of ChatGPT

ChatGpt Masterclass

20 attachments • 32.01 mins

Introduction to the Tutorial Masterclass

ChatGPT Conversation Conventions

What OpenAI Say About The Limitations of the Chatbot

ChatGPT Workaround for Up To Date Statistical Information

Choosing a Sales Letter Framework

ChatGPT - Ask for Image Prompts

Canva Text to Image for ChatGPT Sales Presentation

Use ChatGPT to Write Headlines and Sub Headlines

ChatGPT Thank You Page Script

Launch E-Mails to Customers

ChatGPT Launch E-Mails to Affiliates

ChatGPT Script for a Sales Video

AI with PowerPoint Presentation Coach

AI with PowerPoint -Design and Accessibility

ChatGPT Write a Welcome E-Mail

ChatGPT Suggests a Layout and Order for the Sales Page

ChatGPT Suggests Colors and Background For the Sales Page Layout

ChatGPT Earnings Disclaimers

ChatGPT Creates the Copy for the Opt-In Page

ChatGPT - Creates the Opt-In E-Mail with Sales Message

Google Analytics

21 attachments • 4.91 mins

Pre Sell


Navigation And Admin

Creating a New Google Analytics Account

Website Account Creation

Connecting To WordPress Website

Connecting To HTML Site

Connect Custom Page and Site Builders

Setting Up Annotations

Setting Up Intelligence Events

Set Up Custom Segments

Export Data For Analysis

Set Up Custom Reports

Set Up Google Integrations

Google Analytics Templates

Real Time Reporting

Setting Up Goals

Third Party Integrations

Audience Menu Overview

Interests and Geography



When you complete this course you receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me.

Course Certificate


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